Mature Martial Arts Program (MMA)

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Are you 40 years old, or older? Are you younger than 40, but feel older?

Past your time for footy, soccer, kickboxing? Cage fighting or Tai Chi not for you? Organised sports not your thing?

Then perhaps our MMA Program is for you.

Our MMA stands for “Mature Martial Arts”, a program that Sifu Dana Wong has developed for people who want the benefits of traditional martial arts training, but don’t want the usual bruises and hard-knocks associated with it. It’s for individuals who want to stay active and work their fitness into their changing and maturing lifestyle. If you’re working in a sedentary job, if you’re retired or getting close to it, if you’re just not an “organised sports” person, this program could be for you!

Based on the internal Chinese art of Xing Yi Quan, Sifu Wong can teach you how to maintain and/or regain better health, mobility and coordination well into your golden years. Many masters of the internal arts often reach well into their 80’s and 90’s, and some even reach their centenary years, staying active, mobile and healthy.

Sifu Wong will teach you simple and easy-to-learn routines and exercises which will invigorate your muscles, enervate your joints and fascial structures, relieve stress and help you keep your body “lubricated” so that you will enjoy a pleasant, low-impact but high reward form of exercise that suits your lifestyle. Learn in a fun, inclusive environment with clear instruction and simple explanations of “qigong”, “internal energy” and other “mystical” topics.

This program is perfectly suited for those who have never, or seldom, done much exercise, or for those who used to do some exercise or sport, but haven’t done so in a long while, as well as for those who are getting older and have spent more time devoted to their careers, their children and their mortgages, but haven’t spent some time on themselves.

The passage of time affects us all, no matter your age; its effects can affect you faster than you realise.

Our Mature Martial Art (MMA) Program is designed to improve your current condition, no matter how long you haven’t exercised or how little you exercise now. Contact us on the details below to find out more.


UPDATE – We are looking to start another program on a weekday morning, if there’s enough interest for one. At present, we could run it on a Monday or Thursday morning, from 7:30am to 8:30am, or on a Wednesday morning, from 8am to 9am.

If you would like to join this next beginner eight-week course, please email us at: or call us on (03) 9731 1789 and express your preference for the Monday, Wednesday or Thursday morning timeslot . Based on numbers, we can get another program running out there. The course fee is $120 per person for the eight-week course (sorry, no per class option available).

Give us your name, contact number/email, and class preference time(s). Choose from the three possibilities above.

If possible, please leave us a first time preference and an alternate time preference, to give us the best opportunity to get another group class going soon. Or if another time slot is preferable, let us know.  The sooner we can agree on a time, the sooner we can all keep active, keep movin’, keep healthy and most importantly, stay independent as we all age!


Look forward to working with YOU soon!!!



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