The Qian Li Dao Academy.

Qian Li means “hidden talent” or “latent ability.” Dao, of course, is “the way or the path.”We all possess more talent and skills than we often believe, or give ourselves credit for. By using Wing Chun kung fu as the vehicle, Sifu Wong can help you unlock your latent ability, and your hidden talents. Learn to take a more active role in deciding the quality of your lifestyle; learn to achieve your goals.

Some of the benefits of training at the Qian Li Dao Academy:

  • Increased fitness and coordination;
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • Better focus and more energy to get through the day’s activities – be it for school or work ;
  • Increase mental discipline and the ability to apply yourself to the task;
  • Deal with Life’s stresses more constructively;
  • Work more productively and efficiently in school or at the office;
  • Acquire self-defence skills to protect you and your loved ones.

Sometimes we also need a bit of motivation to get us out of our “comfort zones”. By getting “uncomfortable” at times, we can often find which fork in the road to take, which one that leads us to the next rung in the ladders we climb.

We are comfortable in making “uncomfortable” a growth experience in individuals; we help you see how “failures” lead to the greatest growth spurts in your life. Come and see how getting out of your “comfort zone” will be the most positive thing you can ever do!

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