2nd Annual Intensive Training Camp Done & Dusted!

The Academy returned to the Rowallan Adventure Camp for its 2nd annual Intensive Training Camp.

The rural setting was again ideal for concentrating and focusing on the drills, games, exercises and challenges that Sifu Dana set forth for the participants for this year’s event. Wing Chun concepts, Filipino stick and knife work, internal energy and qigong practice was mixed in with fun and good, hard work and hearty food and team bonding to make for a weekend that surpassed the great time we had last year.

The IT Camp is fast becoming a real favourite for the Academy faithful, even attracting more of our Kiwi brothers and sisters to attend this year. It will be hard NOT to expect one, with even more attendance next year. Congratulations to all who attended and made it through the weekend. While we wait for next year’s Camp, see some of the highlights of this one below, and visit our Facebook page too!


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