Fijian Cyclone Relief Effort – Come and Support a Good Cause

In February 2016, the strongest cyclone on record hit the islands of Fiji, killing 44 people.

Three months on, over 200,000 people there still lack access to basic water and sanitation. An old student of the Academy has joined in with All-Hands Volunteers to provide manpower to improve health and sanitation in some of the coastal villages there, and asked me for a donation.

It is the noblest thing to do, to help others who are in dire need, so this is a worthy cause. So I am running a 3-hour seminar on the Palm Stick for Self-Defence, with all proceeds thereof to go to their efforts in Fiji.


Some may know the Palm Stick by some of its other names – Koga, Yawara, Olisi Palad or more recently, Kubotan. No matter which name it goes by, the Palm Stick and its methods provide a safe and simple way for one to avoid a sticky situation.

To minimise the costs involved, the seminar will be held outdoors, at Wyndham Park in Werribee (behind the shops on Watton St, along the Werribee River).  In case of rain — we will meet at the Wyndham Eco-Living Centre, 28 Ridge Drive, Wyndham Vale.

Date & Time: Sunday, 29 May 2016 – 10am to 1pm

Cost: $40 per person (friends, family and non-members of the Academy also welcome)

Bring a texta, highlighter or sharpie that allows about 2 to 2.5cms on either side of your fist, a water bottle and your enthusiasm. Cash is preferred for payment so it can all be compiled to make a single donation to All-Hands Volunteers. Even if you cannot attend the seminar, and wish to donate to the cause, any donations, large or small, are welcome. Club uniforms not required, come as you are; just be comfortable. Book NOW and show your support! See me in class to book your spot as soon as possible.

If you’d like to make an individual donation, or want to check out the cause, please click here.

Time is of the essence – Hope to see you all there!



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