Gold Coin Training BBQ – April

Our quest for a NEW dragon has begun!

The first of our Gold Coin Training BBQ’s kicked off our campaign to raise some funds for a new dragon for our Dragon Dance Troupe. The weather threatened to cancel our day, with heavy rains and cold temps the day and night before, but in the end, good weather graced us on the day.

Although some who had planned to come didn’t make it, those who did had a great time as we started the day with a couple of hours of good training.

We built up a good appetite, and there was plenty on the menu – marinated skewers of beef and fish, other assorted meats, satays, salads, some fried rice and much more! Thanks to Carmen, Jimmy, La-Wren, Trevor and Wesh, as they manned the grills to get everything ready.

Wonderful aromas wafted through the air, teasing the taste buds and signalling what delights were to come. The food was great, the company exquisite – all who came had a fantastic day! The only problem on the day was an uncooperative bench, that needed some lessons in manners.

We needed Jackie Chan to help harness this disobedient creature, in his absence, La-Wren had to tame the beast! To see what happened, you’ll have to visit the Image Gallery, and to find out why this all came to pass, you’ll just have to make sure you attend the next Gold Coin Training BBQ (date to be announced soon)!!!


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