Maintaining the European Connection 2016

Been a fantastic trip, heading to Crete for the first time, to work with Sifu Giorgos Christolakis and his students in Chania. My trip coincided with his school’s 5th anniversary, so it was a great time for all. Check out the highlights here.

From there, it was off to Venice to see old friend and student, Sifu Mirco Zago, and some of his senior students in Italy. His school’s been rebuilding and my visit was timely in helping our Italian brethren to reinforce their understanding of the Kwok Fu lineage we practice. See how they went here.

Leaving Venice, it was on to Greece, to visit my dear friend and student, Sifu Panagiotis (Panos) Brebos in Athens. He and his students have really embraced the teachings of our lineage and are making huge strides in their progress. During my visit to Athens, I was also interviewed again by¬†Mavri Zoni, Greece’s martial arts magazine. It was the third time they’ve had an interest in how the Kwok Fu lineage of Wing Chun is changing the horizon of Wing Chun around the world. Highlights of what happened in Athens can be found here.

By all accounts, our international roots continue to spread and grow well…


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