New Zealand Workshop – May 2011

Our Kiwi counterparts on the Kapiti Coast, just outside of Wellington, are doing well and are training hard. The enthusiasm and thirst for Wing Chun knowledge continued on from where I left off with our New Zealand brothers and sisters last November.

Dai Sihing Stu Dunn and Sihing Dean Baines have been working the guys here well since our last get-together, and there were some new faces to go along with quite a few of the early staunch supporters this trip and we all had a fantastic time.

Tweaked some areas here and there, and introduced some new concepts to keep both new and old students happy (and probably confused… at least for a little while). Since my last visit across the Tasman, the Kapiti Krew has added another night of training to their schedule and that’s always a good sign.

We worked on energy development for the newbies, and tried to adjust structures to make both single and double-arm chi sao more efficient and fluid.

Also enjoyed a meeting and dinner with long-time NZ Wing Chun exponent and NZ Chin Woo Association Chairman,  Sifu Peter Yu, which rounded out a fantastic weekend in Wellington.  Click here to catch some of the highlights.

Great job, to all our Kiwi brothers and sisters; keep up the fine efforts!


2 thoughts on “New Zealand Workshop – May 2011

    • Pleasure was mine, Stu. You guys are doing a fine job over there; keep it up! If we can get back sooner, all’s better for everyone! Regards to all! 🙂

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