Training BBQ 2 – Getting Closer to Showtime!

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Almost time for the annual Australia Day Parade, and the dragon to march through Melbourne’s central business district, so we’re trying to sharpen up in preparation for the march. Chinese New Year quickly follows, with more dragon dancing and kung fu demos, and so it goes.

Some PhD candidates who are working from Deakin University in Geelong also want to develop a dragon dance team, so they came out to join us in working out. and to get our guidance in how to perform with the dragons. Along with dragon play, we all had some kung fu fun as well.

Traditionally in China, kung fu practitioners often go out together after training, for a bowl of congee, or rice porridge, to socialize, talk about their training and just to relax. To put that same tradition into context in Australia, what do you get – a good ol’ fashioned barbie!

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Was another great day, mixing “business” with pleasure – click here for all of the day’s highlights!


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