2013 Cyprus Seminar

Economic conditions on this small island in the Mediterranean took a turn for the worse since my first visit here last November. But the toughness and resilience of the Cypriot students of Sifu Yiannos Christoforou’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy shone through as we picked up from where we left off last year and had another great training session.

Besides Sifu Yiannos’ crew, joining us again was Sifu Stavros Kypragoras and some of his students and we also had some new friends from some of Cyprus’ other Wing Chun schools who came to share in the fun and training.

It was good to work with Sifu Yiannos, his students and all the others who came out to participate. Despite some tough conditions in their country at the moment, these Cypriots demonstrated that it’ll take more than that to keep them from getting in their Wing Chun training!

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