Interview with Sifu Dana Wong

For all who may be interested, I was interviewed a couple of months ago by Mr Jason Swanson, who has a blog called “the Future of Martial Arts”.

Click here to read it… ENJOY!


6 thoughts on “Interview with Sifu Dana Wong

  1. A wonderful interview, Sifu! What you say about the current trends to violence and aggression, coupled with the egocentric desire to train selectively, picking up killer moves (and it is purely about ‘winning’ physical clashes), have turned martial arts into a mish-mash of delusional physical quests. The ‘martial’ element has been glorified at the expense of the ‘art’ and concepts of ‘mastery’ have obliterated the notion of ‘learning.’ I think this will always be with us but it is a million miles from the essence of what Chinese martial arts (and their off-shoots), in particular, offer to those able to glimpse it. It is a fascinating physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional journey that can be fraught with frustration because it requires deep dedication, discipline and above all, time. But I’m loving the trip and thank you for allowing us to tag along.

    • Hi Blazenka,

      Thank you so much for sharing some of your thoughts with regard to your training, and to my recent interview. I am happy that you found some good things therein, and have been able to glean some insights through your training. Your and Cameron’s support through the years has helped to keep me plodding away at the road set before us, and I’m glad for the company along the journey! Take care! Sifu

  2. Sifu, I stand in the shadows of your life and teachings counting you and your family as dear friends and while my life has taken me in another direction, my heart and spirit are deeply rooted in your teachings and friendship and remain with me forever.
    Your interview simply reaffirms the person I met so long ago now and the “seed” you planted in my mind through your teaching and friendship. I continuously draw on the fruit of my learnings from you and your contribution to the community of martial arts is self evident and will always prosper.

    • Thank you, Barry,

      For your kind words for my teachings. Your friendship and support through the years has been greatly appreciated. I am happy that I have been able to bring some good things into your life and wish you and yours all the very best for what life still has to bring you. Hope to catch up one day soon! Warmest regards, Sifu

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