Cyprus Revisited

After a hiatus of a few years, due to their economic crisis and other factors, I returned to Cyprus to help my good friend and student, Sifu Stavros Kypragoras, who runs the Tao of Wing Chun Academy there.

We ran a very successful weekend seminar on the Kwok Fu lineage of Foshan Wing Chun to an enthusiastic bunch of Cypriots, eager to expand their kung fu experience.

Sifu Stavros started with me back in 2012, and more recently has been flying to Athens to see me when I’ve run seminars for my dear friend, Sifu Panagiotis Brebos, who also flew to Cyprus to see me. Another student of mine, Sifu Giorgos Christoulakis of Chania, Crete, also came to join in on the learning and training.

We had a fantastic time boosting the Hellenic branches of our Academy family with this event in Cyprus. Thank you, Sifu Stavros, for making it happen – make good use of the knowledge and training!

See some of the seminar below.


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