Melbourne CBD/South Melbourne and surrounds – come train with us now!!!

For those of you in the Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne and surrounds who have wished the Academy had something “closer to you”, well, your wishes have now come true!

The Qian Li Dao Academy and I are happy and proud to announce that classes in our Foshan Wing Chun kung fu are now available to you at Resilience Massage & Training, under the guidance of Mr Chris Gauntlett.

Chris has been a student of mine for almost 20 years now and I consider him the best student I have yet produced. He has demonstrated his skills successfully in the full-contact muay thai kickboxing circuit and as a security provider for many Melbourne nightclubs and venues, often dealing with opponents twice his size and weight. Pound for pound, Chris can adequately demonstrate Wing Chun’s principles in both theory and practice.

His skills in security weren’t only with his hands and feet, but also with his ability to communicate. Chris uses that same effective communication now as a personal trainer, masseur and coach of a number of martial arts. His desire to be known as “Chris” and not “Sifu Chris” is just the first gesture that you will see of his goal to be a down-to-earth instructor and trainer, whose goal is to bring out the best in you – a trait we always try to live up to here at the Qian Li Dao Academy.

So, if you can’t make it out to Werribee, do yourself a favour and do the next best thing. Get down to Resilience Massage & Training, 600 City Road, South Melbourne (Google Map link here) and see Chris, or call him on 0416 473 740.

You won’t regret it!!!


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