Happy 1st Anniversary to Kung Fu Bendigo – May you have many, many more!

It was time again to pay a visit to our affiliate club in country Victoria, Kung Fu Bendigo, to see my student, Sibak Nick Vassis, and his students there. A small, but growing, school, Kung Fu Bendigo’s students are an enthusiastic bunch, eager for more knowledge and skills and I went up to help celebrate Kung Fu Bendigo’s 1st anniversary.

The topics of the day were the intricacies of the Siu Lim Tao form; its concepts and principles, along with some applications thereof, as they pertained to chi sao training and its applications.

Thanks to Melbourne students, Wesh Tobin and Dillon Sharma, for coming up as well, to assist me and to share some of their training with their younger ‘brothers’ in Bendigo. Sibak Nick is recovering from a recent knee operation, but paid close attention to the information conveyed on the day, to help keep his students on track.

Check out the good times from the workshop!


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