Knife Defense Workshop – Great fun, great people!

Spent a wonderful session with my good friend and colleague, Master Shao Zhao Ming, of the Tai Chi Wushu Institute and some of his students, introducing them to the basics of knife self-defense tactics.

For many of them, it was a different way to look at their training, and the workshop gave them a new perspective from which to view their training. Over 3 hours, we spent time working on concepts and exercises designed to allow them to see the pluses and minuses of knife-based training, and how it could increase their awareness and understanding of such attacks.

Also on hand, was Mr Ray Galea, of the Wudang Taiyi You Long Quan (Swimming Dragon) school and some of his students. It was nice to finally meet him in person as well, and to work with him and his students too.

Check out the gallery to see some of the fun and highlights from the workshop.



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