Training BBQ Almost a Washout

December’s unpredictable weather continued as we reached our end-of-year training barbecue, so much so that many who planned to attend, did not,  for fear of possible thunderstorms and rain. But those who DID brave the day had an adventure for sure, but one that had a happy ending.

Thanks to Trevor’s thoughtfulness and instigation, students donated a portable BBQ unit and a cooler, presenting it to the club today with the hopes of many more training bbq’s in future. Sifu christened it with a ceremonial beer to start the day – a day filled with unexpected surprises! As the people continued to turn up, we had some old friends, some new ones, some family members and Big Shawn even turned up, crutches and all.

But the clouds thickened and grew darker, then the rains came with strong winds and colder temperatures… what happened to Summer and its warmth? Trevor couldn’t get the barbecue to do anything other than provide a bit of warmth for us shivering fools because the winds were so strong,  and Steve wasn’t happy that his famous chili beef noodle dish wasn’t going to melt a glass of water, never mind an ice cube!

But Sifu wasn’t going to let a “little” wind and rain ruin the day, and said, “You must think positively… you must B-E-L-I-E-V-E!” And then he called on all of his chi power, sent it to the nearby barbecue…

and with that, the rain stopped and the winds died down, and the sun fought to come through the clouds. It was enough to get the barbecue going, so without further ado, the food went on the hotplate and we were finally cookin’!!!

With some hot and hearty food, healthy salads and Trev’s famous Mars Bar Slices (you guys who didn’t come really missed out!), we sat down and enjoyed a great meal with some great friends. Ayumi’s seasoned chicken wings, her home-made potato salad buns and those delicious coconut biscuits also were to die for! At least all the good chefs turned up on the day, despite the weather!

Now with sated appetites and energy to burn, we DID manage to get in some training as promised. Even Big Shawn, crutches notwithstanding, put forth seated chi sao challenges to all. The wind chill may also have been a small reason for people wanting to workout!

Thank you all for your support and dedication in 2010, and thank you ALL – those who came out on this unpredictable and unusual “summer” day, for sharing your warmth and friendship with the Academy. Good times and little things like these bond us together as we all continue our journeys of self-development; I am honored to be amongst you.

Happy Holidays to ALL – may you enjoy good health and good fortune in your festive celebrations and for the coming New Year!!!

* are we finished yet???


Holiday Greetings & Resumption of Classes

We’re coming to the end of a most exciting year at the Qian Li Dao Academy, one filled with many great moments holding great promise for 2011. We would like to thank all of our students and friends for their dedication and support this year, and want to wish you all good health, good times and much happiness for the holiday season and for more good things to happen to you in the coming New Year!

Children’s classes have finished for the year, and adult classes will finish on Wednesday, 22nd of December, recommencing as from Monday, 10th January 2011.  Children’s classes will resume as from Monday, 7th February 2011.

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Travel safely, enjoy the comfort and company of good friends and family, and have a wonderful holiday break! We look forward to seeing you again come the New Year, for another year of great training and self-discovery – Happy Holidays from all of us at the Qian Li Dao Academy!!!


2010 End-of-Year Training BBQ

To all our students, their families, and friends of the Qian Li Dao Academy, we want to thank you all for yet another fantastic year of training, friendship and cameraderie. As we wind down another year, and prepare for the coming new one, let’s get together for a last bit of training and some good ol’ fashioned socialising as we ready for the holidays.

Come join us for a Training BBQ at Newport Lakes Park, off Margaret Street in Newport (Mel map 55, G3) on Sunday, 19th December .We’re dependent on the weather for this one, so if we’re rained out we’ll have to look at having an alternate event in the new year. It’s BYO food and drink, as well as BYO enthusiasm as we’ll start around10am, get a couple of hours of good training in , and then we’ll throw it all on the barbie, set out the spread, sit back and relax to recap this past year at the Academy.

It certainly has been one of many changes, with exciting prospects for 2011. Bring your families, and any friends whom you feel might also enjoy the company and the activities. There’ll be plenty of training and plenty of friendship on the day, FREE of charge, so indulge before the holidays begin!  Make and bring your own favourite recipes for all to share… Trev’s planning on making his famous Mars Bar Slices; can you top that???

Look forward to seeing you all on the day. Click here for a Google Map if you need it to help you find us on the day; the car park is just off Margaret St, in Newport, off Mason St.

SEE YOU THERE!!! No uniforms, no formality – come casual and just enjoy the company and the day!