Philadelphia Seminars 2012

Our US affiliates at the Martial Arts & Fitness Center in Pennsylvania have had a recent boom in new students taking up their Wing Chun program. Sifu Kelly Knight and friends were working hard on getting their core training skills up to speed in anticipation of my recent visit there.

As it was earlier this year, in New Zealand, there were many new faces to go along with some of the old ones, so we split the participants into two distinct groups. We worked on developing and understanding core training skills like punching and basic chi sao and footwork skills for the newer ones; the older ones were given concepts and challenges to develop their two-armed chi sao and random skills. The final day of sessions was spent learning some coordination and weapon applications of the butterfly swords.

Needless to say, as always, all had a great time during the seminars and the time passed too quickly. I even got taken to a nice Mexican restaurant (all too rare in northeast USA), and had a wonderful Mexican dish draped in, of all things, chocolate sauce! It was a fitting end to a great day of training.

Sifu Kelly and the Philadelphia crew are always good value – already looking forward to working with you guys again in ’13! Click here for more!