Official Affiliations of the Academy

It has come to our attention that there may be those who claim to have trained with, and/or have been given authority by me or the Qian Li Dao Academy, to teach Wing Chun the way it is taught by me/us. In response to such queries and concerns, we state in this post the current people, clubs/schools that are officially connected with Sifu Dana Wong and the Qian Li Dao Academy.

Sihing Geoff Wheeler – Qian Li Dao Academy – Caulfield, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Sifu Kelly Knight – Martial Arts & Fitness Center – Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA

Sihing Stu Dunn – Qian Li Dao Academy – Kapiti Coast, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

Sifu Mirco Zago – Wing Chun Songshan – Musile di Piave (Venice), ITALY

No other persons/schools are currently authorised to claim any affiliations with me or the Qian Li Dao Academy. Should anyone have knowledge of such claims and wish to clarify their authenticity, please contact me here at the Academy.