Fundamentals of Yik Kan Ging (Internal Power Cultivation)

“In stillness, there is movement; in movement, there is stillness…”

Yik Kan Ging, or “tendon-changing power” has been trained in Chinese Kung Fu for centuries. Often associated with only “internal” styles like Taiji, Xing Yi and Bagua, this training method is credited with giving a practitioner abilities of increased power and more efficient movement, also contributing to a longer, healthier life.

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From knowledge learned from his Wing Chun master, Kwok Fu Sigung, as well as through additional research in learning Xing Yi from master Zhang Xu Yang, Sifu Dana Wong has developed a down-to-earth, demonstrable way for his students to access their “internal connections” to harmonize them with their “external movements“, resulting in a more efficient source of power, sensitivity and increased health.

This seminar is for anyone who wants to channel their internal energy with their external movement, so as to increase their overall power. Learn how to apply the theory of the Six Harmonies to enhance your power and sensitivity. BOOK NOW, so you won’t miss out!!!

Where: Wyndham Eco-Living Centre, 28 Ridge Drive, WYNDHAM VALE (Google map link)

When: Sunday, 21 August          From 10 am to 1 pm

This program is open to all, members and non-members of the Academy, alike. Discounts will apply for members. See Sifu Wong to book and to get your payment and/or deposit in now. Contact him in class, via email as per our Contact page or leave a message on our phone number to book.

If you want to learn how to harness your internal power in a clear and understandable way, then this seminar is not to be missed! Arrange your calendar now and BOOK your place today!



Moving to Wyndham Park Community Centre on Tuesdays & Wednesdays in Werribee

Please note: As from Tuesday, 12 July 2016, our classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in Werribee, will be held at Wyndham Park Community Centre, 55-57 Kookaburra Av in Werribee. We will be in Community Room # 3. Bus number 161 runs right along Kookaburra Av for any who use public transportation, and there is plenty of car parking available.

Click here to find it on Google Maps.

As from 11 July, we are only at the Grange Community Centre on Saturday mornings.