2013 China Trip – A Fantastic Trip!!!

Photo 319 - 2013 China Photo 026 - 2013 China Photo 084 - 2013 China Photo 087 - 2013 China Just returned from another trip to Foshan, to train with Sifu Kwok Wai Jarm, son of our late Master Kwok Fu, and the clan. I must say that it was a most informative and fulfilling visit this time around, with Sifu Kwok spending extensive time alone with me before the guys arrived, and then giving my students who came from Australia (and one from New Zealand) special time and attention as well, when they arrived the following week.

We spent days training with him, and some of his senior students, in the mornings and early afternoons and then returned in the evening to participate in their group classes in the local schoolyard playground across the street from his home.

Photo 1001 - 2013 China Photo 959 - 2013 China Photo 593 - 2013 China Photo 1334 - 2013 China

But the trip wasn’t all work – we took some time to visit the beautiful mountains of Guilin and trekked the mountain paths at the Longji Rice Fields there, too, meeting with some of the Yao tribal people who live there.

Some R&R in Yangshuo and relaxing at the Xinyinzhan hot springs on our way back to Foshan and Guangzhou made for a great ending to a spectacular trip!

For those of you who couldn’t/didn’t make it, you missed out on a trip of a lifetime, filled with heaps of kung fu knowledge, Chinese culture, great cuisine and good times! You’d best be ready to come on the next one!!!

Check it all out here!