Awareness & Avoidance Program for High School Students

Year 9 students at the new Suzanne Cory High School in Werribee not only have a great new building with fantastic facilities, but they also have a great sport and PE program that invited the Qian Li Dao Academy to run a successful eight-week program of Awareness & Avoidance Skills for Self-Defense.

Over 35 students selected this option for their sport/PE this term, and were introduced to a logical and progressive way to deal with the possibilities of aggression and physical assault. Sifu Wong started the group  by teaching them how to become more aware of their immediate surroundings, identifying potential dangers and possible escape routes.

From there, the participants learned to use voice and language as the next step in preventing a possible attack. Taking into account that many do not choose a life-long study of the martial arts, the program then introduced simple, gross-motor skills that have great potential in dealing with a myriad of attack situations.

Suzanne Cory High School has already indicated their desire for the Academy to return again in future to run more programs for their students. This program has also successfully been run at Ave Maria College, Aberfeldie; Collingwood College, Collingwood; Gilmore College, Footscray; and Laverton Secondary College, Laverton.

Versions of this program have also been run for staff and participants of the Lighthouse Foundation, as well as for Vic Roads personnel.

Any schools and/or organisations wishing to book an Awareness & Avoidance Program for their students/staff/employees, or want more information on the program – please contact us at:

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A Dragon Awakens

The Academy set itself a goal to secure some new dragons for its dragon dance troupe earlier this year, and in the spirit of working with the local community, had a great opportunity to “kill two birds with one stone.”

The Good News Lutheran Church in Tarneit was opening their new school facility and asked us to perform for their Family Fun Day celebrations held recently to help kick off the grand opening. It was a perfect chance for us to ‘wake up’ one of our new dragons.

To do so requires a special ceremony, so that the dragon will be infused with the spirit and energy of creature it embodies so that it can bring good luck and good fortune to all while chasing away any evil spirits and will bring auspiciousness to any special occasion. The ceremony requires the dragon’s eyes to be dotted, to ‘open’ them, so that the dragon will ‘awaken’ within the apparatus and be transferred to the dance performers to bring out all the benefits that its spirit will impart to any special occasion.

The Church’s minister and school principal were both given the responsibilities to perform the eye-dotting ceremony to wake our new dragon, and we brought it to life to bring good luck and good fortune to their new establishment.

Despite early dark clouds and some rain, our dragon brought sunshine and blue skies to the afternoon to make it a memorable day for all. Click here to see more.