Shakin’ Foundations in Philly

DSC01135 Stopped in to see our brethren in Philly again, and spent some time going over some new ideas for improving their stances and to get more power from their structures and steps. As usual, Sifu Kelly Knight and the crew at the Martial Art & Fitness Center were up for the training.

DSC01127 Over the weekend, we burned out quads and hammies, not to mention some calves and ankles along the way as we ran through a number of partner drills and exercises to help strengthen the legs and stances as well as to improve their stepping and mobility and explosion. Needless to say, some were walking a bit funny by the time we finished the weekend.

Had to intersperse some single-arm and double-arm chi sao drills amongst the leg work, so that everyone was able to make it through to Monday. But in the end, a great time was had by all. Another fabulous time with the guys from Philly! Always great to drop in and work with good people.

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