Happy Year of the Horse – Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!


Gong Xi Fa Cai – Happy Chinese New Year to all our friends and supporters worldwide!!!

Sifu Dana Wong and all at the Qian Li Dao Academy want to wish you good health and much happiness as we celebrate the Year of the Wooden Horse in the Chinese lunar calendar.

The Wooden Horse year should have high energy and productivity will be rewarded. Decisive actions will lead to victory. (So that means get into class and get training!!!) Horse years are often known for unexpected adventure, fast victories and surprising romances.  For those of you caught up in horoscopes, click here for more of what’s in store in this Year of the Horse.

All of us here at the Academy thank you again for your support in the past, and want to wish you all good health, success in your life goals, prosperity for your efforts and happiness no matter what!

Xin Nian Kuai Le – Happy New Year!!!


Training BBQ 2 – Getting Closer to Showtime!

DSC_0414    DSC_0424    DSC_0470

Almost time for the annual Australia Day Parade, and the dragon to march through Melbourne’s central business district, so we’re trying to sharpen up in preparation for the march. Chinese New Year quickly follows, with more dragon dancing and kung fu demos, and so it goes.

Some PhD candidates who are working from Deakin University in Geelong also want to develop a dragon dance team, so they came out to join us in working out. and to get our guidance in how to perform with the dragons. Along with dragon play, we all had some kung fu fun as well.

Traditionally in China, kung fu practitioners often go out together after training, for a bowl of congee, or rice porridge, to socialize, talk about their training and just to relax. To put that same tradition into context in Australia, what do you get – a good ol’ fashioned barbie!

DSC_0479    DSC_0490    DSC_0462

Was another great day, mixing “business” with pleasure – click here for all of the day’s highlights!


Training BBQ – Getting Ready for the New Year!

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Training has begun again in 2014, not only in Wing Chun but also for dragon dancing. After a nice Christmas and New Year holiday break, it’s time to prepare for 2014, our annual march in Melbourne’s Australia Day holiday parade, and the upcoming Year of the Horse.

So we met at Albert Park Lake, home of Melbourne’s Grand Prix circuit, for a training BBQ to shake off some dragon “rust”, introduce the newbies to the nuances of dragon dancing, and to do some good old-fashioned club bonding.

The day started cloudy and cool, but by the time our dragons got in the groove, the sun came out and made for pleasant weather for our initial dragon/kung fu practice session. Good training, good people, good food, good place and good weather… what more could we have asked for?

A great day, all-around – click here to share the fun with us! If anyone else is interested in getting involved with our dragons, send us an email or give us a call – the more, the merrier!

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